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Wholesale Insurance Services

Application Submission and Case Management

One of our primary wholesale insurance services to our customers. We carefully review every application we receive and keep you informed as to what information is required by underwriting. This is especially important as more and more carriers are instituting “In Good Order” application processing. We are also more than happy to walk through applications with you prior to submission. Once the carrier receives your clients’ applications, we have personnel to follow your case and optimize placement. We will also order APS records for you.

Case Design

We help you help your clients in retaining their wealth and accomplishing their financial goals – during their life and after. We understand the fiduciary responsibilities that agents and financial planners have, especially in these current times. Our extensive product knowledge allows us to problem-solve your most challenging clients.

Illustration Support

HBG helps our agents prepare the quotes they need for client presentations in print and/or digital formats.

You can run Term Life quotes right from our website or you can complete a request form and have us run product quotes for you. For all other quotes HBG will do the legwork. We accept email, fax, and phone requests and we do our best to have them completed within one business day.

Underwriting Consulting

Another big part of our wholesale insurance services. Call for medical or financial underwriting questions. For more complex cases, we provide pre-sreening and quick quoting services. Utilize our underwriting consultant to place your large problematic cases.

Contracting and Licensing

Our contracting is performed through Surance Bay. The resources below offer both online and traditional paper options for becoming appointed with carriers.